Problem with current site: The current site struggles with information hierarchy. Among the information, there are many alignment and spacing issues making it hard to read. It is very information heavy with no real sense of user journey. When entering the site, you are bombarded with information that doesn't doesn't contain a solid CTA causing confusion and a struggle to find how to get involved. Since this is a non profit organization, there needs to be an immediate CTA to sign up for clean ups and other events. This will encourage more people to get involved, bringing the organization closer to its goals.  

Concept: The purpose of the redesign was to re-conceptualize the look and feel of the site, while improving the users journey to sign up and get involved. The new look caters to a wider age range, accompanying to the youth who are the ones dominantly volunteering through school events. The new website focuses on the specific CTA of getting people signed up for cleanups and other events. It allows for easy access to the entire schedule in a comprehensive list, and allows people to get involved in as few as six clicks.  
These pages were a main focus in the redesign because volunteers are what make this organization succeed in this mission. The redesign focuses more on the CTA of getting people involved and signed up. By creating a feature where the user can actually sign up for a clean up, the hope is to create a sense of initiative creating more successful showings.
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