The research topic is on borders, migrants and refugees. My main focus with the content map was doing a deep dive into immigration, looking at it from all perspectives. I wanted to create something that housed all of my research, while maintaining a visual appeal that could be easily understood.
The mockup above shows the three different designs I came up with. The one I ended up going with is placed to the right here. The focus for this poster was to create a visual entanglement through the manipulation of typography. It is intended to represent the chaotic experiences that refugees are forced to go through. 
I decided to go with a neutral color palette, including the yellow that the I.R.C currently uses in their logo. This gave the poster a grim look, much like the situation, while maintaining a look similar to the posters they actually produce.
Visual elements like the lines are set in place to represent the feeling of being trapped or caught in a maze.
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