The purpose of this project was to select an item and do a deep dive into exploring things about it. I selected a juice squeezer, and started out with taking a bunch of photos of it. Ultimately, this project led to creating an infographic style poster that had to do with the product.
Below are a few of my favorite images that I captured of the squeezer.
While exploring more with the squeezer, we were assigned to turned out images into a reductive vector. My main focus was creating good shape and form, while maintaining a very minimalistic look.
In order to create the right form, I had to drift away from following the exact shadow patterns. I played around with a ton of negative space, and used it to create most of the look. 
Draft 1 :
My intentions were to create something that hyped the juice squeezer up as a "bar's most important tool". After all, it is used to make most mixed drinks that you can order.
My initial thought process was to get ideas on the page. I focused on creating something that had a heavy relation to an infographic. 
I wanted to show the recipe to a drink that requires the use of some pressed juice, the French 75.
Draft 2 :
This was my second refinement of the poster. My overall focus shifted to creating less clutter. I wanted to draw my attention back to the squeezer instead of heavily emphasizing the drink.
The new content involves the proper way to slice a lemon in order to get the most juice out of each one. I decided to place the information directly in the middle so that it is one of the first things the viewer sees. I placed the recipe to the drink at the bottom so that it is more subtle. 
Although I changed the colors, I wanted to keep them warm and vibrant to correlate well with the content. 
Below is a look at my final creation. I decided to take out all of the unnecessary things and focus on the typography and hierarchy. I removed the vector of the glass and played around with the text, trying to recreate its shape.
I played around with various text sizes which also helped with guiding the viewers eyes throughout the poster. The text eventually leads you to the drink name, French 75, which is angled down leading your eyes to the splash. Below the splash is other important content that brings more context to the poster.
For the colors, I decided to go back to a more subtle blue and yellow. I had used these colors when messing around with the reductive images seen above. I thought they contrast well with each other, making the information pop well on the poster. 
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