For a little over two years, I worked on the packaging design for SanDisk brand. SanDisk has an impressive portfolio of products extending over six product categories, and four product lines. Additionally, the brand has a handful of brand partnerships and retail specific accounts that all have a unique look-and-feel.
My role as an in-house packaging designer included building off of existing packaging, updating key art and contents (marketing & legal), designing new violators, iconography, and ensuring brand consistency through all. I worked with clients, marketing managers, copyrighters, packaging engineers, and legal to ensure that final files sent to print always met the mark.
Product Lines & Categories 
Project(s): Consumer Packaging for SanDisk brand
Role: Production | Designer
Specs: Blister & Carton Packaging
Timeline: 2020-2023
Retail Specific
Project: Consumer Packaging for Walmart
Role: Collaborator | Designer ​​​​​​​
Specs: Blister
regional Packaging
I was responsible for building upwards of six regional packages per product (Americas, Canada, Global, India, China, and Japan). These packages require different language translations, part numbers, regulatory, legal content, and unique packaging dielines; to name a few. Here is work I did for the Extreme PRO V60 SD Card. I built the base-files for packaging sold in Canada, China, Global and Americas.
Icons are used on SanDisk packaging to communicate information quickly to consumers. This information includes product special features, materials, compatibility, proof items, and performance claims. Below are some of the icons I designed for the brand's master set.

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